Call for Congress

Every year, "International Student Science Congress" is organized around a certain subject group in order to provide international students studying in our country with the opportunity to transform their approaches, opinions and suggestions regarding the agenda and needs of the Global World into output on an academic basis.

It is very important to increase the academic equipment of international students who come to our country for education from all over the world, to contribute to their intellectual knowledge and to offer opportunities for self-development. In this context, in addition to the activities currently carried out for international students,  International Student Science Congress is held  in order to provide an academic environment where international students studying at postgraduate level in Social Sciences, Sciences and Health Sciences in our country can present their studies, share information, and produce joint studies through various workshops and different activities. .

For this purpose, the first International Students Sciences Congress was held in Ankara between 16-17 May 2015, the second in Konya between 29-30 April 2016, the third in Istanbul between 2-3 December 2017, and the fourth between 22-24 November 2018 in Nevşehir, the fifth in Trabzon between 07-09 November 2019 and the sixth in Ankara between 10-12 December 2021.

Unlike previous years, the 7th International Student Sciences Congress will be held this year in topics: Social and Human Sciences, Science and Engineering Sciences, Health Sciences and the Special Topic of the Congress (The Formation of the Global System and Turkey in the 100th Anniversary of the Republic).

The congress will be held in Istanbul. The opening session, the luncheon gala dinner and the first day's sessions will be held at Byotell Kozyatağı. Then, the 2nd and 3rd day sessions will be held at the Ziraat Bank Library of Istanbul Medeniyet University. Students from Istanbul will stay in their existing accommodation, while participants from other cities will be accommodated in the Medeniyet Student hostel in Kartal.

We welcome your valuable contributions from international students.