07 - 09 November 2019


Karadeniz Technical University


1500 person


100 Notifications and Presentations


With rapid internationalization of higher education and its warm hospitality, Turkey is becoming the center of attraction for international students from all over the world.

We attach great importance to providing opportunities for increasing academic knowledge, experience and contributing to intellectual growth and self-development of international students who come to our country from all over the world.

In this context, in addition to the activities which are currently being carried out for international students, the following activities like; 1st International Students Social Sciences Congress which was held in Ankara, between 16-17 May 2015; 2nd in Konya, between 29-30 April 2016; 3rd in Istanbul, between 2-3 December 2017; 4th in Nevşehir 22-24 November 2018 were conducted in order to provide an academic environment in which international students can present their work, share information, and enhance collaborations through various workshops and different activities.

In collaboration with the Scientific Studies Association (ILEM) and the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB), 5th International Students Social Sciences Congress will be held between 07-09 November 2019 at Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) in Trabzon. Academic disciplines of the Congress include (but not limited to); Economics, International Relations, Political Science, Sociology, Human Rights, Diaspora, Law, Anthropology, Educational Sciences, Theology, Migration, Art, History, Refugees, Literature, Philosophy, Communication, Social Policy and other sub-branches of Social Sciences. Furthermore, proceedings book will publish after the congress.

We look forward to your valuable contributions.


Key Dates /

Deadline for the Abstract of Submissions 30 June 2019

Notification of Abstract Acceptance 15 July 2019

Submission Deadline for the Full Paper 15 September 2019

Notification of Final Paper Acceptance 10 October 2019

Announcement of the Congress Program 19 October 2019

Congress Dates 07-09 November 2019

Publication of Selected Submissions 30 April 2020

Program Schedule /


  • Business Administration
  • History
  • History of Art
  • Human Rights
  • International Relations
  • Philology
  • Psychology
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Teology
  • Anthropology (social and cultural)
  • Geography
  • Literature
  • Educational Sciences
  • Economy
  • Philosophy
  • Philology
  • Law
  • Communication Sciences


Taha Eğri, Kırklareli University
Abdulkadir Macit, Kocaeli University
Burak Yuvalı, İstanbul 29 Mayıs University
İbrahim Halil Üçer, İstanbul Medeniyet University
Latif Karagöz, İstanbul Medeniyet University
Mehmet Yıldırım, Scientific Studies Association
Oğuzhan Tekbaş, Scientific Studies Association
Ömer Furkan Taşkıran, Scientific Studies Association
Ümit Güneş, Yıldız Teknik University
Yunus Çolak, Kırklareli University


Abdulkadir Macit, Kocaeli University
Abdülkadir Yıldız, Konya Necmettin Erbakan University
Abdüsselam Sağın, Kırklareli University
Adem Başpınar, Kırklareli University
Ahmet Ayhan Koyuncu, Afyon Kocatepe University
Ahmet Köroğlu, İstanbul University
Ahmet Zahid Demirciler, Ankara University
Akansel Yalçınkaya, İstanbul Medeniyet University
Akif Pamuk, Marmara University
Ali Osman Karaoğlu, Yalova University
Alparslan Nas, Marmara University
Alper Aslan, Nevşehir Hacı Bektaş Veli University
Anas Zeineddin, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University
Arife Gümüş, İstanbul University
Aslı Okay Toprak, İstanbul University
Bahar Baysal Kar, Kırklareli University
Banu Gürer, Marmara University
Betül Sinan Nizam, İstanbul Şehir University
Birol Bulut, Kırklareli University
Bünyamin Bezci, Sakarya University
Canan Özge Eğri, Kırklareli University
Ebubekir Mollaahmetoğlu, İstanbul University
Ensar Alemdar, Kırklareli University
Faruk Karaaslan, Konya Necmettin Erbakan University
Fatih Yiğit, İstanbul Medeniyet University
Furkan Yıldız, Kırklareli University
Gökçe Balcı, Kırklareli University
Gökhan Bozbaş, Konya Selçuk University
Gökhan Şener, İstanbul Medipol University
H. Asena Demirer, İstanbul Gelişim University
Halil İbrahim Erol, Kırklareli University

Hamdi Çilingir, Scientific Studies Association
Haris Ubeyde Dündar, Erciyes University
İbrahim Taşdemir, Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı
İbrahim Halil Üçer, İstanbul Medeniyet University
İsmail Sarı, Bursa Teknik University
Kamuran Gökdağ, Mardin Artuklu University
Latif Karagöz, İstanbul Medeniyet University
Lütfi Sunar, İstanbul Medeniyet University
Mahmut Hakkı Akın, Konya Necmettin Erbakan University
Mehmet Güneş, Marmara University
Mesut Aytekin, İstanbul University
Metin Eken, Erciyes University
Muhammed Atalay, Kırklareli University
Muhammet Göçgün, İbn Haldun University
Muhammet Celal Kul, Marmara Üniversitesi
Muhammed Hüseyin Mercan, Erciyes University
Muhammed Veysel Bilici, Kırklareli University
Murat Çemrek, Konya Necmettin Erbakan University
Murat Yiğit, İstanbul Ticaret University
Mustafa Cüneyt Özşahin, Konya Necmettin Erbakan University
Nihat Erdoğmuş, Yıldız Teknik University
Nevin Türker Yıldız, Kırklareli University
Osman Çalışkan, Marmara University
Osman Yılmaz, İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University
Ömer Faruk Erol, İbn Haldun University
Rahile Kızılkaya Yılmaz, Marmara University
Selahattin Polatoğlu, Van Yüzüncü Yıl University
Serhan Afacan, İstanbul Medeniyet University
Serhat Anıktar, İstanbul Sebahattin Zaim University
Süleyman Güder, İstanbul University
Taha Eğri, Kırklareli University


Any International MA or Ph.D. students with qualified academic work are expected to apply for the 5th International Students Social Sciences Congress.  Applicants must provide us an abstract, not less than 250 words or up to maximum 400 words and the deadline to submit abstracts is 30 June 2019.  Since at that stage the topic proposed might not have been explored in sufficient detail, the initial abstract can consist of an outline of the study proposed. The proposed area of research and methodology, including aims of the research, context and justification and research question should be written in the abstract. We invite graduate students and junior scholars (In the last two years, he/she graduated from MA or PhD) from the fields of social sciences disciplines. Accepted applicants will be expected to participate and present a paper in the congress.
5th International Students Social Sciences Congress is a free event. Accommodation and meals of all participants will be covered by the Congress. Participants do not pay any fee for the registration, social programs etc. However, Travel costs of participants won’t be covered by the Congress.
Participants in the congress can make presentations in Turkish or English.
  1. Participants register to the Congress Management System and write their abstracts between 250-400 words to the system.
  2. The Abstracts will be evaluated by the 5th International Students Social Sciences Congress Scientific Committee.
  3. Participants whose abstracts are accepted according to the consequences of the Scientific Committe evaluation are requested to upload their full texts of submissions to the Congress Managements System.
  4. The Full Texts of submissions will be evaluated by the 5th International Students Social Sciences Congress Scientific Committee. According to the consequences of this final evaluation, the participants who are entitled to participate in the congress will be announced.

Spellıng Rules and Evaluatıons /

Papers submitted to the International Students Social Sciences Congress must not have been previously published anywhere and should not have already been made available for publication.

There must not be any information about the author in the text. If any information, by which the author would be revealed, is found in the paper, the proceeding will be eliminated without having any content review because it does not comply with the Congress’s blinded arbitration policy.

The Full Papers should be between 4.000 – 8.000 words in total, using 12 font size with 2.0 line spacing.

The Full Papers must be written with APA Reference Style (6. Edition). The Full Papers written according to other reference styles will not be evaluated.

The Full Paper must be uploaded to the Congress system in Word Document format (.doc or .docx) until 15th of September 2019. PDF format and e-mail sent document will not be accepted.

The Full Paper not written according to the International Students Social Sciences Congress writing rules will be rejected without having any content review.

For your questions:

– Points of Referee’s Attention in Full Text Evaluations
– Appropriateness of The Full Text to the Congress
– Appropriateness of The Full Text to Referenced Disciplines
– Appropriateness of Submission Title and Contents
– Literature Search and its appropriateness with the submission
– Research Method
– Research Method and Results
– Spelling Rules and Language Profiency
– APA Reference Style (6. Edition)
– Contribution of Discipline
– Newness, Originality, and Qualification of Submission


Aziz Mahmut Hüdayi Mahallesi, Türbe Kapısı Sk. No:13, 34672 Üsküdar/İstanbul
0216 310 43 18


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